The Baltic States consist of three countries; Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And are easily accessible from either Poland or via Helsinki, you can also travel through St. Petersburg which is on the Russian land way between Estonia and Finland. Admire the Baltics, with their live culture, beautiful castles and picturesque scenery! Lithuania; with its white sand dune beaches. Latvia – Riga; the cleanest city of Europe, situated on the bank of the river Daugava. And Estonia; the most modern of the three countries.

Lithuania: Vilnius is the 600 year old capital; walk through the stunning old town of which its architecture is on the UNESCO World culture inheritance list. Just outside the capital is Traki and magnificent Gothic water castle picturesquely situated between three lakes. Kaunas is the second largest city with the old town and its many well preserved historical buildings, with the town hall know as "the white swan". Another well known sight is the "Hill of Crosses" located outside of Siauliai.

Latvia: Riga; the capital of Art Nouveau, where more than a third of downtown is built in this style. Sights to visit are the medieval old town, St.Peters Church, House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads, the dome cathedral and Riga castle. Outside the capital places worth a visit are Rundal palace, the Medival castle and park at Cesis and the long beach town of Jurmala.

Estonia: Tallinn is an import strategic city within the Baltics due to its location for easy connections to Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Situated on the border of the Finnish Bay and the Baltic Sea there are many exciting things to see in the area; the old town and St. Catherines passage, the Dome church, Kadriorg palace, Tompea castle and Town hall square. Alternatively visit the beautiful beach resort in Pärnu along the west coast.

St. Petersburg: Experience the white nights of St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful historic cities of Europe. Follow in the footsteps of the Zars, and see the magnificent Catherine’s Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress, the exceptional Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace. Also known as the Paris of the North, this fabulous city has a huge cultural atmosphere. From the attraction of the unique Russian style architecture to the inspiring theatre and ballet performances. St. Petersburg has so much to offer, whether you are taking it easy with a walk along one of its canals or relaxing in one of the beautiful parks, or visiting one of the many world-class museums and art collections it has something for everyone to admire, you can also visit Peterhof or Pushkin from here.

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Photo: Winter Palace/St. Petersburg
Photo: Newsky Cathedral/Tavi Grepp