Iceland is a magical island with a fantastic nature - something you have to experience! It is a unique destination, summer as well as winter. Volcanoes, spurting Geysers, boiling mud pools, ice glaciers and so much more. This wonder island has it all! 

Magic Iceland has many wonders of nature. The Blue Lagoon is a wonder you have to try! It is an artificial lake, and the water is between 35 and 40 degrees. The turqoise blue water from the underground, surronded by lava stone and black beaches, gives you a memorable wellness experience. You will find the blue lagoon 31 miles southwest from Reykjavik. 

The northern ligt is another experience you cannot miss! The northern light also knwon as Aurora Borealis, named after the roman goddess, is most common when it is dark and cloud free. In the wintertime (March to November), you have the biggest chances of experiencing the most amazing natural light show. 

Iceland has a lot of volcanoes as well, and "Hekla" is the most known volcano on Iceland. You will find it on the southern part of the island. "Hekla" is also the most active volcano on Iceland. The last eruption was in February 2000. 

This is just some of the many experiences and wonders of Iceland, and whether you want to enjoy the fascinating nature or just relax, you will certainly feel welcome in this fantastic land! 

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Photo Reinhard Pantke