This country is one of the most popular destinations within Scandinavia, due to its magnificent and dramatic scenery. With such diverse landscape to wow even the most experienced of traveller. Magnificent mountains, world class fjords, towering cliff faces, beautiful Waterfalls and some of Northern Europe’s largest Glaciers, comprise some of Norway’s ore inspiring natural treasures.

The beauty of the fjords can not be compared until you have seen them with your own eyes. Sognefjord is the longest and deepest of the fjords, Geirangerfjord with its towing cliffs surrounding you and wondrous waterfalls cascading down from above, and the glorious Hardangerfjord.

At the very top of Europe is the North Cape, overlooking the Arctic Ocean. And from Lapland, home of the indigenous Sami people, to the Land of the Midnight sun and "Aurora borealis" the Northern lights, there is a different spectacle to experience in both summer and winter.

In the South you have the traditional and historic Telemark region, Stavanger with the Pulpit rock hanging over the Lysefjord, and plenty of areas popular with hikers, along with the many winter ski destinations, and the former Olympic city of Lillehammer. And of course the Capital Oslo with its many attractions.

Whether you are exploring Norway by land or relaxing by sea, cruising on the world famous Hurtigruten Post ship, the landscape of this fantastic country will continue to amaze you throughout.

Some of the most popular areas for exploration are:

  • Oslo 
  • Telemark region
  • Hordaland – Bergen/Hardangerfjord
  • Sogn & Fjordane – Sognefjord/Briksdal
  • More & Romsdal – Geiranger/ Alesund/Trollestiegen
  • Lofoten islands
  • Lapland
  • North Cape
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Photo Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Photo Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Innovation Norway